GROW II Challenge

GROWing Community Resources with $450,000
Kansas Health Foundation Grant

The Kansas Health Foundation, in conjunction with its GROW II grant to the Parsons Area Community Foundation, will match contributions to endowed funds at either fifty  or twenty-five cents on the dollar, depending on which fund receives the donations. This challenge ends December 31, 2017. WE ARE WITHIN $30,000 OF EARNING THE ENTIRE $450,000 — EVERY DONATION HELPING TO FINISH THIS GRANT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!


The purpose of this initiative is to both build permanent resources resulting in long-term, sustained health improvements in the communities we serve, and to strengthen the community foundation for its vital role in community revitalization. Per the terms of the grant, the funds earned will be split equally between an endowed public health fund and the foundation’s administrative endowment.

This is a tremendous opportunity to GROW philanthropy dollars for the benefit of our area. Everyone may be involved at some level. Please consider an outright gift or pledge.

GROW II Donation Form