Oswego Library Receives Grant

The Oswego Public Library is one step closer to restoring its windows with a generous grant from the Parsons Area Community Foundation. Gifted through the Hughes Family Donor Advised Fund, the $3,200 will help the library meet the 20% required funds needed to complete the window project which is scheduled to begin this spring.

“We are glad to make this contribution to Oswego and the library,” said Pete Hughes of Parsons. “My sister, Janet Carpenter, was librarian in Oswego for many years. She and her husband, Bob, worked to see the library enlarged during the 1990’s and our entire family feels a strong connection to Oswego and the library through them. I’m sure Janet would be smiling, knowing funding is available to help with the restoration of these windows.”

Earlier this year, the library received a grant from the Kansas Heritage Trust Fund for $15,531 to restore the forty three original windows in the building which was built over 100 years ago with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation. The Heritage Trust Funds will cover 80% of the cost of the project. The library is responsible for raising the other 20% and the generous donation from the Parsons Area Community Foundation will put the library near that goal.

“Donor advised funds with the Parsons Area Community Foundation allow a donor the ability to retain a say in how those funds will be utilized to benefit the community. While every contribution to a donor-advised fund reaps an immediate tax benefit, donors may then recommend grants to worthwhile causes on their own flexible timetable. Meantime investments in a donor-advised fund grow tax free to support more giving in the future. We are so pleased to facilitate grants such as this most recent one from the Hughes Family Fund,” said Anne Allen, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Parsons Area Community Foundation has donated approximately 1.8 million dollars to organizations in Southeast Kansas since its inception in 1996. During the past, they have funded improvements for the Oswego Historical Society, the Oswego Schools and Riverside Park.

To learn how you can help the Oswego Public Library, contact Liz Turner at 795.4921.

To learn more about the Parsons Area Community foundation, contact Anne Allen at 421.0723.

(Labette Avenue News article from the March 20, 2013 issue)

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