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Hughes Family Fund

In 1995 the wheels were set in motion to establish the Parsons Area Community Foundation for the purpose of providing improvements and enrichments to the community beyond what tax dollars supplied. It would be funded through contributions of those wanting to give back to the community.

Prior to the establishment of the Foundation, a long time resident of Parsons died leaving a sizable estate. She would have been thrilled to have left the money for the betterment of Parsons if there had been such a vehicle as a city foundation in existence. As it was, the money was left to a distant cousin who was independently wealthy and over 80 years old. This was the catalyst for creating the Parsons Community Foundation.

Mary and I have a donor-advised fund at the Foundation. We are able to direct income from the investments of this fund to support the projects we value for the community. We can do this for our lifetimes and, if we choose, our children and grandchildren may continue with their direction. Since this fund is endowed, the principal always remains, and the income from the fund may be used to benefit generations to come. What a perfect way to support our local community. And all gifts are tax deductible! (Pete Hughes)

Shaun Hill PASS Fund

Shaun Hill, quarterback for the Detroit Lions, established a donor advised fund at the Foundation in 2009. “PASS” stands for Parsons Area Support System.

We asked Shaun why he chose the Foundation and were given these reasons:

  • To meet needs in my home community, especially for its youth
  • By taking away the barrier of lack of money, engage all interested kids in activities at a young age to hopefully propel them into participation on into their high school years
  • Keep sport programs alive in schools despite cuts to education funding
  • The Parsons Community is very giving. This fund gives people the opportunity to add to the fund through tax deductible gifts

With a donor advised fund, Shaun is eligible for NFL charity grants to the fund. How very fortunate Parsons is to have Shaun’s support!