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Parsons High School Robotics

The Parsons High School robotics team, directed by Bruce Rea, has received PACF grants each of the past nine years to help fund expenses for this great program. In the photo below, at the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition in Oklahoma City, 2013 team members Chris Thompson, Noah Taylor and Matt Walker are assisted by an arena official to get their robot down from the top of a tower after it had completed a three-point climb and dumped four frisbees in the goal during. The Vikings received the Excellence in Engineering Award.

GIA_PHS Robotics team 2013-pic2

Kansas Food Bank

Testimonial for Parsons Area Community Foundation:

“We don’t have food to eat so I drink water to fill my stomach so I am not hungry.”  “I sometimes eat paper because we don’t have anything in our cabinets to eat.”  These are statements made by children right here in our communities and in our state.  Thanks to the support of the Parsons Area Community Foundation, children who experience hunger are able to receive a weekend packet of kid-friendly, nutritious food on the weekend via our Food 4 Kids program. Every Friday, school coordinators distribute the packet of food to children who might otherwise spend the entire weekend without food.  This vital program provided by the Kansas Food Bank to over 7,000 children weekly ensure kids have access to food when it is not provided for them at home.  In Labette County, 196 students benefit from the backpack program.  Receiving the food allows children to come to school on Monday mornings prepared and ready to learn.  Their first thought of the day is not “when is lunch”.  Notable differences are seen in the students:  grades improve, behavioral problems diminish and attitude towards school improves.  We could not do what we do without the tremendous support of the PACF. — Brian Walker, President & CEO, Kansas Food Bank, June 21, 2013