In partnership with the K-State Wildcat Extension District, the Parsons Area Community Foundation is planning a Grant Writing Workshop on Tuesday, June 4 from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Wall Family Center in Parsons. Nancy Daniels, Community Vitality Specialist for K-State Research and Extension, has presented this workshop throughout Kansas and will share her knowledge of funding opportunities and grant writing elements. Another important benefit of this workshop will be to network with others interested in finding grants to share ideas for community projects. For more information and to register, please contact our Extension office by email to or by calling 620-724-8233. Your $10 registration includes lunch and must be received by May 28.

The Parsons Area Community Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in local communities. The Foundation holds a variety of funds and invests in our communities through grants, leadership, and special projects. 

Giving Opportunities Through The Parsons Area Community Foundation
There are many ways to give through The Parsons Area Community Foundation. After learning what is important to you, we will help you to put your charitable dollars to work in the most meaningful way. Click here to learn about the many Giving Opportunities through the Parsons Area Community Foundation.

See our Grants In Action
Since the Foundation’s inception in 1995, more than 3 million dollars has been invested in our communities through grants and special projects. Click link to view some of our Grants in Action.

Applying For A Grant Through The Parsons Area Community Foundation
Local community grants are awarded annually. A total of $224,712 was awarded at the 2018 Grant Reception, funding a range of projects benefiting youth to seniors in our geographic area. Learn how your organization can Apply for a Grant.

$450,000 GROW II Challenge Completed in 2018

The Parsons Area Community Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of a six year challenge grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. The challenge was to build permanently endowed funds at the Community Foundation that will continue to give back to the community forever. The $450,000 was earned in matching increments of 25% to 50% for donations to endowed funds held at the Community Foundation.

It took tremendous support from the community to earn this grant and we are most grateful for each and every contribution. Per the terms of the grant, the $450,000 earned was placed in two PACF Kansas Health Foundation Funds: KHF Fund for Public Health and KHF Endowed Operating Fund for PACF.  Annual grants are awarded from these funds.